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1. What is VRI?

VRI is the abbreviation for Vaisnava Research Institute.

 2. What is the connection between VRI and VCF?

The Varnasrama College Foundation (VCF) is the parent organization under which the Varnasrama Research Institute (VRI) functions.

 3.  What are some of features of VRI?

• The Vaisnava Research Institute (VRI) is located in Sridham Mayapur, strategically positioned near presently established and upcoming educational institutions within the Mayapur Masterplan. 

• VRI is conveniently located on the Varnasrama College Campus. 

• VRI will offer facilities to scholars, visiting Faculty members & residential Faculty members to conduct research on the VC Foundation Campus. 

• VRI will be guided by a team of researchers under the leadership of its Executive Director and overseen by the VCF Director of Academics.

 4. Is VRI part of ISKCON?

The Vaisnava Research Institute (VRI) is directly under the Varnasrama College Foundation, an independently registered educational institution that seeks partnership and collaboration with other educational institutions and research institutes. 

 5. What is the primary goal of VRI?

To help fulfill the mission and vision of the Varnasrama College Foundation with focus on three primary areas:

1. Train Varnasrama Acharyas who can help establish other Varnasrama Colleges both in India and abroad.

2. Train Gurukula Acharyas who can help establish traditional Gurukulas both in India and abroad.

3. Train, educate and prepare individuals to set up and live within ideal Vedic villages both in India and abroad.

 6. What facilities will VRI provide?

• The Vaisnava Research Institute will be have an extensive collection of Vaisnava literatures featuring the writings of the six Goswamis of Vrindavan, the writings of our major Vaisnava Acharyas, various Dharma Shastras and an assortment of other Vedic literatures covering both Sruti and Smriti sastra. 

• VRI will maintain a repository of digital articles, books, periodical, journals and other relevant research materials. 

• VRI will facilitate research for deserving scholars by providing on-site staying facilities. 

 7.  How can one support VRI?

• Donations are needed for the construction, maintenance and expansion of the Vaisnava Research Institute. 

• We encourage those who are inclined to donate books for the library as well as various needed materials such as computers, tables, chairs, book shelves and various stationary. 

 8. How to keep connected with VRI?

• You may leave your contact details so that we may send you periodical news of events and developments. 

For any further inquiries please contact us at +91 8217730018

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